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Common Issues With Cheap Web Hosting And Their Solutions

Whether you’re running a blog, a content-based site or an e-commerce site, you need a good web host. Of course, you don’t have to pay a lot of money for proper hosting since there are numerous cheap web hosts available. However, before diving into it, you should be aware of the following problems with cheap web hosts and the best solutions available.

1.    Rushed Servers

In most cases, web hosting might be too cheap because the service has too many sites on a shared server. As a result, the sites hosted there have limited resources on the server causing slow load times and frequent downtimes. Eventually, most of the customers have a terrible experience from using the site. The solution to this problem is to avoid hosting your site on frequent down hosting. Rather, you should search for uptime record as well as comments from experts on the web host before subscribing.

2.    Web Host With Bad Neighbors

With cheap web hosts, you should also count on bad neighbors, a term that refers to spammers who take up too much of the server resources or webmasters who are careless enough to get hacked. If you’re sharing a server with spammers, there will be little space left for your site. Also, if your neighbors are hacked, there’s a chance your site will become infected too. As a solution, you can always request the web host for relocation to another server block.

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3.    Poor Technical Support
Some of the cheap web hosts have terrible customer support and often fail to respond to client requests. That’s because they are handling too many clients and lack enough staff to handle any customer issues.

As a solution, you should search for the best UK web hosting and inquire about the customer support department before signing up a new web host. Ask different questions regarding their hosting services and judge their quality depending on the responses provided.