Avoid These Bad SEO Practices and Protect Your Google Rankings

Bad SEO isn’t something uncommon or new

and yes it may really destroy your rankings on Google. So, make sure to avoid bad SEO practices to avoid affecting your Google rankings negatively.

What Should You Know about Bad SEO?


The practices that are old school, unethical or not included in the guidelines of Google webmaster that are considered as bad, which is why it’s termed as bad SEO. While the SEO is about optimizing your site for the search engines, bad SEO may generate the opposite results.


Here are the techniques that could hurt your Google rankings and what you must do to avoid them:

Duplicate Content – Make sure that your website content is original and unique. In terms of bad SEO, you have to avoid publishing duplicate web content. Non-unique web content isn’t good for SEO. The primary reason is that if the search engines have the same content in their index, there’s no reason to index your page since it won’t offer something new. If you need duplicate content on your site for the reason that it’s helpful for your readers or due to the nature of your business, you must consider the pages to be no follow and no index so that they won’t have negative impact on SEO.

Guest Posting for Links – Some people insisted that the most secure way of getting backlinks to your site was through guest posting. Although guest posting may be a good way to do this, if done wrongly and cheaply, could damage your rankings. You may get post on the high quality sites related to your niche not to get a link, yet for more recognition and exposure.

Keyword Stuffing – Repeating the keywords over and over again because they’re useful in text and you’re supposed to optimize your content is a bad SEO practice.  Not only it would discourage your visitors from reading or interacting the content, but also it’s a signal for the search engines that you’re trying to trick their algorithms. Mentioning the keywords in the description, title, and opening paragraph is enough.

A Lot of Ads – This is bad SEO for the reason that Google punishes the websites that have a lot of advertisements above the part’s page that’s visible even without scrolling. If you have witnessed a decrease in the traffic, you must check if you’re affected by the layout algorithm of the page.

Any Kinds of Paid Links – Building a successful blog or website takes time and requires lots of hard work and patience to make the content and get valuable natural backinks. Doing shortcuts will let you see temporary success at the start and will be a huge failure. Purchasing links for any type is a bad SEO practice and it’s something that Google would find out and you’ll end up losing the Google rankings that you’ve worked hard to reach and will require you to try your hardest to achieve good results online.

What’s more essential for website success nowadays is to follow only the good SEO practices, which are ethical, based on the Google standards and updated with the newest developments of ranking algorithms. The practices of the past including keyword stuffing, massive link building, cloaking, and banner stuffing are just a think of the past and must be avoided.

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